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"Samadi Yoga in Koreatown" Studio Spotlight - LA YOGA Magazine

Nestled in the heart of Koreatown, Samadi Yoga is an urban oasis of serenity. One may be surprised to find such a sanctuary sandwiched between the hustle and bustle of the Metro Vermont stop and the continuous whir of Wilshire traffic, but herein lies the magic of Los Angeles. These tucked-away gems are treasures too good to be kept secret for long.

Samadi Yoga’s Koreatown location is the second rendition of founder Mahnaz Jahangiri’s brainchild to bring the lineages of Sri T Krishnamacharya and Bishnu Charan Ghosh into one space. While her first studio in Westlake Village continues to boom after eight years with a dedicated clientele of longtime students, Mahnaz along with her experienced staff and faculty, are experts in welcoming and embracing beginning practitioners and new students. In both locations, Mahnaz’s establishment of high teaching standards with precise cues and clear instructions make Samadi Yoga a must-experience for any yogi.

What touched me the most from my experience taking a class at Samadi was the level of connection Mahnaz had with every student. “I want my teachers to know their students’ first and last names and their injuries,” says Jahangiri. While every person in my class had some form of bump or bruise, Mahnaz was attentive to each of us. She created an open space for every student to explore the practice in a safe and guided way, while acknowledging postural modifications for the injuries and practice level particular to the students in the room. This level of personal attention allows students to develop a long-term practice that is ever-evolving and forever intriguing.

“Yoga is the universal language,” said Mahnaz. Her newest studio in the center of bustling energy of Koreatown is the place to find quiet reflection and listen to the language of subtlety; it is a true gem for anyone looking for a sacred space in the urban metropolis of Los Angeles.

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