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"Y7 Melrose" Studio Spotlight - LA YOGA Magazine

It’s no surprise since this hip hop-inspired yoga studio is owned by two New Yorkers-turned-LA-West Siders. The words “A Tribe Called Sweat” grace the walls as a welcome call for newcomers;”Can I kick it?” “Yes, you can,” is the feeling you get from this studio’s vibe.

Y7 prides itself on its infrared heating system, which provides “a spa-like heat” according to studio manager, Lauren Abramson. The system creates an internal heat that allows practitioners to build a bumpin’ sweat and work from the inside out. I can personally attest to the fact that I got my sassy sweat on in class. I am admittedly not sure if it was due to the infrared heating system or the fact that the teacher themed her entire class on Beyonce’s discography. The music— perfection. The flow—fantastic. The candlelit vibe with no mirrors—pure “Beyonce Live in Concert” bliss. When “Formation” came on, I chaturanga-ed my Beyonce-loving soul out.

For anyone looking for their yoga and their Erykah sprinkled with some Chance the Rapper and a hefty helping of Kendrick, you have come to the right place. Prayer hands meet you at the front window; “I’m not a player, but I crush a lot” meets you in the back. This studio is New York, is raw, is real, is hip hop, is definitely fitness. Yoga, you have never looked so fly.

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