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"That class just changed my life."

- Tony Tzar

Choreographer (Los Angeles)


"My love for dance started at the age of eight. I wasn't able to learn in a studio so music videos taught me everything I know today. A huge issue I had as a dancer in LA was being able to find my core to balance as I would go from auditions to classes. I found Marja at Core Power in Sherman Oaks and not only did she help me find my core BUT she transformed my body. I learned how to breath from movements to movements which helped me in my creativity with my own choreography. I would leave her class ready to conquer the day mentally, emotionally and physically. I recommend Marja to ANYONE and EVERYONE."

- Ellen Kim

Choreographer (Bay Area)

​"Your class, for me, is spiritual masterclass."

- Chika Miyahara

Dancer, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio Scholarship Program (Japan)

"To LA dancers and beyond - I whole heartedly recommend you check out Marja Lankinen. If you're stressed, your body aches, or you have lost sight of what's really important, spend one hour with this beautiful soul and hit the reset button. If you don't live close enough, LIKE her page to be notified when she comes to your city and support a wonderful human being."

​ - Anna Dalton

Studio Director, Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio (Boston)

"Dear everyone in the world, Marja Lankinen's Core Power class is PHENOMENAL. Please do yourself a favor and take it! Sincerely, me"

- Kasey Davage

Dancer​ (Los Angeles)

""Yoga with Marja is like an hour-long hug"

- Ieisha Montgomery ​

Northern Trust Global Investments (Chicago)

"Started the first Productive day of my 2013 with an intense Yoga class from the gifted Marja Lankinen!!!"

- Chonique Sneed,

Choreographer/Community Leader (Los Angeles)

"Marja Lankinen always goes above and beyond for her students and mentees. She is not only the greatest cheerleader and fan I have in my life, but she is also so incredibly passionate and knowledgable about what she does. She extensively studies the body, spirituality, science, meditation, and dance, and provides resources to students as they decide to discover more about themselves. She is an asset to any and every institution she is a part of due to her knowledge, skill, hard work, time management, discipline, dedication, and, most importantly, love." 

- Julie Kogan

Dancer (Los Angeles)

"No one in this entire world is a bigger inspiration and motivation than Marja Lankinen!"

- Laura Ferrara 

Dancer/Model (Germany)

"Marja has a gift of knowing exactly what each dancer's body needs for their rigorous schedule. She's selfless in nature and her practice shows that of a true caregiver. She noticed when our brains were cluttered, when our bodies were aching and she adjusted each practice with either a therapeutic or strength intention. An hour with her is rejuvenating for your mind, body and soul. Because of that, I was able to find confidence in trusting myself not only in my strength but in those sometimes uncomfortable silent moments."

- Meagan Ward

Dancer, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio Scholarship Program  (Los Angeles)

“Every session with Marja made me feel recharged, calm, and centered. At a time when I was training intensely nearly every day, Yoga for Dancers was the one thing that kept my body in check, but also my mind - I would leave the class feeling clear-headed and ready for anything the day would throw at me. And Marja is simply one of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet, so any conversation with her is just as wonderful as her yoga sessions.”

- David Cottle

 Dancer/Choreographer/Educator (London)

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