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"Hyper Slow in Hollywood" Studio Spotlight - LA YOGA Magazine

Nestled on a rare quiet corner along the major Fairfax thoroughfare, Hyperslow is a refuge for those looking to experience life at a slower pace. Offering yoga, meditation, and a cafe stocked with locally grown, organic, and simple fare, this community studio is a one-stop-shop to enjoy a day of reflection, community, and kindness.

Born from a dream, Hyperslow is the collaborative effort of partners Emily Davenport and Asher Luzzatto. From his experience at Burning Man’s Center Camp — a throwback to the communal sacred spaces of churches and community centers — Asher felt a desire to create a space where people could congregate, interact, and most importantly, connect. A student can come to the cafe, enjoy simple foods like fresh avocado, meet friends, and take yoga or meditation. After class, they can float out, lounge on any one of Hypeslow’s eclectic repurposed couches or sit at the decadently long communal dining table to enjoy art, work, and/or great conversation.

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